The Perfect UK Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 570 Watches For Sale

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of occupying this slot several times before, and I’m happy to be back again! This year, I’m pivoting from my normal sports-watch tendencies and bringing something much different. I hope you enjoy it! They say the perfect AAA replica watches doesn’t exist, and I suppose they’re correct (whoever “they” are). However, I maintain that the Patek Philippe Calatrava 570 comes asymptotically close. This is a watch boiled down to the absolute elements, and while it may seem overly simple at first glance, it keeps me coming back for more time and time again. It’s an extreme exercise in restraint. It also makes a serious argument that most other timepieces contain a wealth of superfluous detailing. Come with me as we discuss what will likely serve as the acme of my collecting journey.

It was mid-winter and one of those cruddy gray, drizzly evenings that so frequently prey upon Frankfurt am Main. Dark in the morning for the 65km commute and dark by late afternoon for the return drive. Then, press repeat until the week is done. I was hammering up the A5 one evening and pondering my upcoming move to England. Our family was excited about the adventure, but there was plenty to do. Everyone had a list of items to complete (including my daughter with the organization of a mall’s worth of Barbie clothing). One thing I needed to do was sell a car. After all, the steering wheel was on the wrong side, and I didn’t want to mess with importation. So I played the mind game about what I would do with some of the funds from the sale.

The journey began on the Autobahn

Of course, buying another car in England would be a wise use of funds, but I had been saving for that separately. Plus, my wife had given me the green light to do as I wished, so I turned my attention to top fake watches. If you’ve listened to Balazs and I prattle on in our podcast, I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve been content for a good while. Sure, I still buy the occasional piece, but I tend to limit these purchases to vintage Japanese watches that are rounding out a collection.

If you’re a keen listener, though, you’ve also heard me mention a distanced affection for the Patek Philippe Calatrava. Specifically, I’ve been an admirer of the 5196P and, to some degree, its gold siblings. The “P” for platinum, with its Breguet numerals, always spoke to me, but it’s incredibly expensive. Plus, RJ kept chirping in my ear about the miniature 215 PS caliber that swims inside its case. This had me thinking about a very heady topic indeed — vintage Patek.

Making the call

I entered Frankfurt am Main via Miquelallee and ran into the normal rush hour wall of stoplights. It was then that I decided to call Mr. Eric Wind (aka Mr. You Can Rock That) and have a chat. He answered with the typical, “Mr. Stockton.” After the pleasantries, I told Eric that it was finally time for me to consider a Patek and that I wanted a Calatrava. I wanted something wearable, in a white metal case, in untouched condition, and within a certain price range. It took Eric nanoseconds to recommend two beloved references. The first was the “waterproof” Calatrava 565 with its 34.5mm Taubert/Borgel case. The second was the 1:1 UK replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 570 watches with its ~35mm Gerlach case. He explained that the 565 had a more rounded case and was challenging to find in unpolished condition. The 570, on the other hand, grew the original sharp-edged iconic reference 96 and is deemed a dress-watch archetype. I mentioned that I would do some homework, but that the 570 sounded like the right target.

Later that evening, I shot Eric a text and mentioned that there was absolutely no rush, but that if a good Calatrava 570 came his way, I’d be interested in a discussion. Then, it was down to waiting. Of course, I looked at the 15 or so 570s on Chrono24 at any given time, but most were heavily polished, stained, or in a different metal. Also, I wanted to stick with someone I could trust. In the meantime, I also mentioned my slow hunt for this specific model on our podcast. I have to thank Roy, one of our listeners, for sending me his thoughts and some fantastic pictures of his collection. Needless to say, his enthusiasm only stoked my desires further.

Months later, the Calatrava 570 arrived

It took months, but a lovely white gold Calatrava 570 with central seconds appeared on Wind Vintage. The nearly perfect watch arrived on consignment from a seller who had purchased it several years before from Eric. It came with its extract from the archives, which showed 1962 as the year of production. Discussions began, and we agreed upon a price and the inclusion of a modern white gold Patek pin buckle. It took some time before I collected the watch, but it was a momentous occasion when I opened the package. It may sound silly, but that split-second upon seeing it for the first time felt as if I were entering a very different dimension in cheap copy watches. Everything was exactly as I had hoped for, which is crucial when buying a piece like this.

Some history

Before I come back to the emotional part of the review, the Calatrava 570 deserves some words of history. The 570 first came on the scene back in 1938 and arrived as a larger version of the Patek Philippe ref. 96. Incidentally, the 96 debuted as the first-ever Calatrava in 1932. Most articles tell us that these luxury replica watches followed the Bauhaus “form follows function” tenets. I see this, yet it’s a very different Bauhaus from the Germanic forms we often think of today. Moving on, the 570 was produced in steel, three colors of 18K gold, and platinum, with different variants offering either central or small seconds. As far as dials, there were many. Sector dials, rare Breguet-numeral dials, and those with applied indices and “drilled” minute markers are some of the most famous.

Movement-wise, I invite you to read this thorough accounting of the various calibers that inhabited the Calatrava lineup from Revolution. Movements such as the hand-wound in-house caliber 12-120 and the 12-120SC loom large in vintage Calatrava models. They’re notable for their fine bridges, beautiful detailing, and focus on innovation. The “SC” is a giveaway that the movement is powering a watch with central seconds, and Patek was one of the earliest makers of this feature. The movement in my model is the 27 SC which was introduced in 1949. It has a directly driven central seconds hand, which brings simplicity to the movement design. All in all, Patek produced the Calatrava 570 until 1972, with estimates centering on 2,000 total pieces. It was an expensive watch, but histories often state that it was responsible for keeping the company afloat during rocky economic periods.

Dissecting the watch

The Calatrava 570 is a watch that is all about the fine details. That may sound funny when looking at what seems like a basic, straightforward three-hander with a sparse dial. However, I’d argue that because it’s so austere, it makes what is there all the more important. The Swiss movements super clone watches contains several surfaces that end in sharp 90-degree angles. Normally, that would sound cheap and unfinished, but it isn’t on this watch. The vertical case sides combined with the table-flat bezel (referred to by some as a “coin edge”) come together to create a purposeful, strong-looking case. The perfect (original) domed acrylic crystal tops off the watch and brings the total height to roughly 11mm.

Then there are the lugs. I struggle with dress replica watches for sale that have stick lugs. There is no shortage of this style, so I am clearly in the minority, but I much prefer lugs that organically flow from the case edges. On the Calatrava 570, they’re absolute perfection. The top surface keeps the 90-degree edges, but the sides curve elegantly from the mid-case. When viewed from the side, the lugs roll down towards the wrist and end in a rounded, barreled form. Altogether, the case has one of the cleanest and best profiles I’ve ever witnessed.

More comments about the profile

Note the large lug holes on the Calatrava 570. As a new buyer who looked at several fake watches online, I decided to ask Eric about them. After all, my experience with oversize holes typically translates to over-polishing. He mentioned that Patek used large-diameter, shoulderless spring bars. Therefore, one needs a strap without the typically sized built-in quick-release spring bars. Still, these holes, as with any other watch, are also a good indicator of prior polishing. Additionally, note the horizontal brushing on the case sides. That’s correct and often lost to polishing. Finally, the large, signed crown is a bold choice when compared to most dress watches that seem to minimize this feature, and it makes winding a joy.

A dial that obliterates boundaries

Aside from the case shape, an aspect that especially drew me to this flavor of Calatrava 570 was its dial. Too often, I find that dress replica watches shop are finicky-looking things, resulting in a product that has a truly limited use case. I know that this watch is an icon when it comes to the formal genre, but it seems like so much more than that. Credit an ultra-clean dial, bold dauphine hands, and the central seconds hand. The diamond-cut applied indices are just right, and the drilled minute track emulates rivets found on a piece of purpose-built industrial equipment. Honestly, it wouldn’t take much to transform it into something like a military piece.

The silver dial on this Patek is wonderful to behold under a loupe. It’s difficult to find examples that haven’t been cleaned, but this one happens to be untouched. A lovely detail is the logo. It’s unassuming, but at the correct angle, one can see that it is raised. For this, Patek Philippe used champlevé enameling, first cutting small troughs into the dial. Then, powdered material was placed into these channels and fired in an enameling process. The result, sadly, is a far cry from what we see in the brand’s modern pieces.

The 27 SC movement is a bridge-filled gem

I previously mentioned the movement and its technical attributes. Aesthetically, it’s also a wonderful sight indeed. When it comes to modern manual-wind movements found in mainstream brands, most aren’t overly attractive. Blame budgets and the fact that most are automatic movements without a rotor. The result of being built to a cost is a movement dominated by a large plate with some decent surface finishing. The different gears are typically hidden, and it’s debatable as to whether the typical display case back is even worthwhile. With the Calatrava 570 and its caliber 27 SC, the situation is in reverse. I reckon it’s a crying shame that this movement is hidden under its unadorned snap-on case back. The fine bridge work is lovely to take in along with the surface and edge finishing. Then there’s the user experience.

A winding experience worth its reputation

It’s funny, but before taking ownership of this fake watches site, I was not completely sure if I had ever wound a Patek movement. Despite Patek’s reputation for mechanical prowess, I suppose I was expecting to be disappointed. Picture the whole “never meet your heroes” scenario, and that sums it up quite well. Happily, I needn’t have been worried because this is a lovely movement to use indeed. Most movements, when winding, offer some spring back when a turn has been completed. There’s none of this with the Patek 27 SC. It feels like the perfect combination of fine machinery and rifle-bolt precision and sturdiness. I certainly don’t have the breadth of movement experience that some do, but this feels like a more robust version of the Excelsior Park series of chronograph movements. As for timekeeping, I haven’t had any issues whatsoever.

Par excellence on the wrist

Apparently, the reason for the Calatrava 570 was a call from customers who were looking for a watch larger than the 31mm ref. 96. At 35.5mm, the 570 may not sound like much, but it’s a deceiving object. The lug-to-lug is just below 43mm which helps it balance nicely on most wrists. The real kicker, though, is the beefy 20mm lug spacing. Whereas most dress replica watches for men from the period and, frankly, well into the ’90s were sticking with 18mm lug gaps, Patek found proportional perfection with this setup. With its strong bezel and substantial crown, the size of the sparse dial is exaggerated, and the watch comes off as large. As an aside, while the looks are dissimilar, a 36mm Rolex Oyster has a comparable footprint.

The result is a dress watch that can play many different roles. It can easily come together with a black reptile strap and be worn with a suit or tuxedo. Conversely, the 570 is also happy on a lighter-toned strap and can roll with jeans or — gasp — a pair of shorts. Trust me, I know… The Calatrava 570 lives in a netherworld where it occupies a throne for many people as the archetype for the dress watch. For me, it’s equally as adept as a clean, daily watch aside from its lack of water resistance. The other lovely plus is the fact that it attracts little to no attention, and that’s nice these days.

Negatives regarding the Calatrava 570

Yes, the fact that this watch lacks any type of water resistance is a concern. I check the weather forecast fervently when wearing it, and I usually toss a small Ziploc bag into my pocket in case of a surprise. Am I being overprotective? Perhaps, but I’d hate to ruin perfection. The other negative isn’t the watch’s fault, but it’s the fact that this is now a valuable piece of hardware. I grazed a door handle the other day (to no ill effect, thankfully), and it gave me real pause. The high quality fake watches feels substantial, but I have no desire to add any new dents or crack the crystal. So as much as I love wearing it and using it frequently, I need to remember that it is a 60-year-old dress watch.

A heady price of entry

Then there’s the whole price-of-entry issue, and that is a real negative for most. A Calatrava 570 like this is fiercely expensive considering that it lacks complications, a precious metal bracelet, or diamonds. Prices seem to start at US$30,000 and climb from there. Then, if one steps out of this style and moves into a more exotic 570, pull out the calculator, and use the multiplication operation. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that with such a simple watch, the details that do exist matter greatly. This means that unpolished lugs, a good or non-refinished dial, and a strong bezel are key. Have a look at what is currently on offer, and you’ll begin to pick out best replica watches with softer lugs and dirty dials. To me, that’s not a good use of what would still be a significant sum. As far as the future, a good 570 always seems to be in demand because they’re incredibly easy to like.

An undeniable magnetism

I’ve had the Calatrava 570 out at a couple of different watch meet-ups, and there’s no denying the hold it has on folks who come across it. Yes, the fact that it says “Patek Philippe” on the dial is a conversation starter, but it’s more than that. The watch is an unassuming, knowing, cool customer in the corner of the room, and people seem to appreciate that. It’s a serious piece. Even those who prefer complicated chronographs or dive fake watches store seem to stop and take notice. To be clear, I certainly didn’t buy a Patek for the so-called street cred, but it’s nice to know that I’m not the only person who finds this watch so arresting.

Final thoughts

I’ve gone through many collecting phases. From vintage chronographs to divers and more, I’ve handled and owned a lot of replica watches wholesale. I’ve found beauty in some wildly designed pieces and have fawned over various technical complications. It seems odd that the Calatrava 570 is such a wonder, then, doesn’t it? In the end, though, sometimes the simplest distillations are the best because it’s so hard for a designer to know when to stop. The urge must have been there to add more flair or decoration to this watch, but I’m glad Patek didn’t. Except for a touch of water resistance, this is everything I want in a watch and absolutely nothing more. Of course, I will find other watches beautiful and tempting in the future, but I think it will be different. To me, the Calatrava 570 is the best overall watch I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.

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Lesser-known UK Luxury Fake Patek Philippe Calatrava References Watches

Over on, it is described as “the very essence of the round wristwatch” going on to claim “it charms each new generation of watch lovers by its timeless understated perfection.” Many overtrodden statements are used to praise it, not only those made by Patek Philippe themselves. It is among the most archetypal Swiss made replica watches ever made. It is the Calatrava.

Reference 2533 – Produced from 1952 to 1956

Working in chronological order here, our first under-the-radar top UK fake Patek Philippe Calatrava watches is the reference 2533. Most notable for not being a 565 or a 2508 and not having a case made by François Borgel (Taubert & Fils), the 2533 is the forgotten child among the early waterproof Calatrava lineup.

Let me get ahead of this, I know this is a rare watch. It’s estimated that approximately 400 examples were produced – 300 in yellow gold and 100 in rose gold. Among the best replica watches on this list, this is going to be one of the hardest to find. The reference 2532, a sibling of the 2533 with subsidiary seconds, expands that production estimate by 200. We have 600 of these to hunt.

Spec-wise, the high quality copy Patek Philippe 2533 watches’ case checks in at 34.5mm in diameter and was manufactured by Charles Dubois in Le Locle. Similar to the 565, the case design has a distinct stoutness that you can feel in your hand and on your wrist. The fuller, sweeping lug shape adds dimension, especially on an unpolished example.

As it was offered as a sportier time-only option, many examples feature luminous hands and hour markers – worth calling out as most Calatravas do not. Solid examples of the 2533 (or 2532) trade hands in the mid-$20k range. A particularly interesting 2533 with Breguet numerals sold at Phillips in 2018 for over $40k.

Reference 2525 – Produced from 1952 to 1962

Introduced alongside the 2533 during a revamp of Patek time-only offerings in 1952, the Swiss movements replica Patek Philippe reference 2525 watches is perfectly representative of the brand’s ability to deliver a design that is both on trend and eternally in style. In contrast to the simplicity of the 96, the look here is very 1950s with a stepped case, fluted lugs, and tapered hour markers.

At 36mm in diameter, the Wenger-made case is regularly described as “oversized for the period” by dealers, collectors, and auction houses alike but, hey, it’s true. We are still in the era of manually-wound Patek Philippe Calatrava super clone watches for sale so the 2525 is powered by both the Patek caliber 10-200 and, towards the end of the run, the caliber 12-400. While this Calatrava was not marketed as a “sport” option quite like the 2533, it does feature a screw-down caseback.

In my opinion, the 2525 is the epitome of a “Calatrava Plus.” Inherently, a Calatrava is a simple AAA replica watches but Patek regularly finds a way to add just enough design to make for an aesthetically interesting watch while maintaining the straightforwardness we expect. Expect to find a quality “normal” 2525 in the low to mid $20k ballpark while “special” examples like one in white gold with a Gueblin-signed dial can get up there, selling for over $100k in 2019.

Reference 5022 – Produced From 1997 To 2003

Skipping from the 1950s to the turn of the 21st century, the reference 5022 represents an entirely different era of Patek Philippe design. I like to call this “weird Patek.” In the 1990s and early 2000s, the brand introduced some beautifully strange perfect fake watches – they either speak to you or they don’t. I happen to really like models like the reference 5085 Neptune and the reference 5110 Gondolo but they’re not for everyone!

While it doesn’t go quite as far as the Neptune, the Patek Philippe 5022 replica watches wholesale is odd – check out the black dial option, it’s out there. The more standard white dial with Breguet-style numerals is the variant I have picked for this list but if you want to get nuts, be my guest.

Beyond the gorgeous dial, the case proportions of the 5022 are really remarkable. While the 33mm diameter might make some flinch, look closer. The long and slim lugs create a 38mm lug to lug distance and the strap width is perfectly 18mm. If you ever find yourself around a 5022, just make sure to try it on. It is smaller but not too small for a Calatrava by any means. Given the odd dial options, prices can vary but my pick of white dial with a yellow gold case typically sells between $10k and $15k.

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Copy Patek Philippe Calatrava Silvery-Gray Dial Watches

Patek Philippe introduced the first timepiece of the Calatrava collection, the Ref. 96. This classic and understated watch complied with the simple but timeless principle that form must follow function, so the design of the watch is clear and pure. Here, the imitational Patek Philippe Calatrava 38MM White Gold Case Automatic watches are for sale.Patek Philippe Calatrava Silvery-Gray Dial Blue Hands watch

From the appearance of the timepiece, we can find the two-tone silvery-gray dial is quite stunning and legible, with blue transfer-printed hour markers and graduations, blue hour and minute hands along with a slender sweep seconds hand, and a date aperture at the 3 o’clock. The 38mm case made of white gold is waterproof to 30 meters, shown on a blue alligator leather strap, adding elegant and exquisite touch for the watch.Patek Philippe Calatrava Silvery-Gray Dial Blue Alligator StrapPowered by excellent self-winding movements that ensure the accuracy and durability, the Patek Philippe Calatrava replica Silvery-Gray Dial Blue Alligator Strap watches are reliable without doubt. In addition, the movement is visible through the sapphire crystal case back.

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