Serving In The Kampfschwimmer With Cheap Swiss Issued Replica IWC Watches UK

In the 1980s, IWC introduced a series of highly specialized dive watches for the Kampfschwimmer, an elite German military dive unit. Made in conjunction with Porsche Design, these titanium perfect replica watches had IWC technology and ingenuity behind them. As military-issued versions of the IWC Ocean 2000, they are now referred to as the “Ocean Bund” among collectors and enthusiasts.

The IWC Ocean Bund (short for Bundeswehr or “German Federal Armed Forces”) came as six issued references, including one that consisted of 50 entirely nonmagnetic UK AAA fake watches for mine-clearance units within the Kampfschwimmer.

An extreme IWC watch for an elite unit

Recently, I spoke to David Seyffer, IWC’s historian, about these unique high quality replica watches and the importance of their design in IWC’s modern history. In that interview, David noted, “These watches feature two important innovations — titanium and design. I would consider the Ocean 2000 the most ‘radical’ design made in cooperation with Porsche Design simply because of the use of titanium. The watch became one of the most innovative diver’s watches ever.” You can read that full interview here.

The Kampfschwimmer (“Combat Swimmers”) are German frogmen and among some of the country’s most elite and well-trained military units. In training videos, we can watch members of those units being air-dropped with full combat equipment, including flippers, into the ocean.

Speaking to a former member of the Kampfschwimmer

After our article went live, several people wrote to me with personal stories of serving in that unit or owning one of these special military-issued timepieces. I extend my thanks to those who helped provide additional photos used in this story, particularly Thorsten (@real_vintagesilver on Instagram), who once owned an IWC Ocean 2000.

One of those who wrote to me was issued an IWC Ocean Bund while serving in the German military in the very late 1980s and early 1990s. He asked to remain anonymous for this chat but wanted to share a few of his thoughts on the unit and the copy watches for sale. Let’s just call him “Mr. P” for the sake of this interview.

A unit issued the IWC Ocean Bund

Henry Black: Thank you for sharing a little bit of your experience. Tell me about your service and the Swiss made IWC replica watches you were issued. Also, how did you come across our story on Fratello?

Mr. P: I was as surprised as you were when I contacted you, Henry, after seeing the story on Fratello. You see, I recognize some of the faces in the YouTube videos in your article that show the training we used to do. What can I tell you about that time? Well, I have very fond memories. We were all quite young and felt that we were doing something challenging and noble. We were serving our country. And the world was a very different place then. I’m a lot older now!

Challenging training

HB: The training looked arduous. What motivated you to join?

MP: Well, I was motivated by a sense of duty, but there was also a sense of adventure about it. This may sound silly now, but at the time, getting that sort of training was difficult but could also be fun. Maybe it seems more fun now when I look back on that time, which was quite long ago.

Also, I made some strong friends during my time there. As you will see in the training videos, part of what we had to do was get inside a torpedo-like structure in a pool. This was so we could handle being in the tight and difficult surroundings of a torpedo tube if we ever needed to be deployed in such a manner on a mission. Being inside was very mentally difficult as it was, how do you say… a claustrophobic experience. I was never deployed in such a manner beyond our training.

Experiencing the IWC Ocean Bund

HB: What can you tell me about the IWC you were issued, Mr. P?

MP: It was a very fine watch, but it also looked quite strange. I remember when I first saw it, and I thought it didn’t look like a normal dive watch. I was not particularly interested in 1:1 fake watches at that time, but I grew to respect the watch as it handled my training very well and kept very good time. My watch had a fabric strap, not a metal one.

One thing I also liked about the watch was that it was quite thin. This was useful in tight surroundings or if one had a jacket and uniform on. It did not get in the way when on training missions. I miss the watch.

HB: So, from what you tell me, I assume the watch is no longer in your possession?

MP: No, I had to return it. I miss the watch now because I am more interested in luxury super clone watches, and it also brings back some good memories of when I was younger.

We have an association for servicemen called the Kampfschwimmer Association, and I would invite any fellow former members to get in contact with the association as it is a good site for history.

A growing fascination with the watch hobby

HB: What drew you to Fratello? How did you find our article?

MP: Believe it or not, Henry, I am now more interested in best replica watches as a hobby. I like the idea of keeping old things going. Maybe it is because I would consider myself old now! But also, I like IWC and the contribution of German watch manufacturers to the craft. There is a strong history of watchmaking in Germany too.

I sometimes read articles on old historical stories. I liked your article about the Australian prime minister and Rolex. It was interesting for me because I also lived during the Cold War. Likewise, I was surprised and happy to see the one you did on the Kampfschwimmer. Getting to see a few familiar faces in the videos also evoked very strong memories for me, so I contacted you.

Closing thoughts

My thanks to Mr. P for sharing his thoughts on our original article, a few precious insights into the Kampfschwimmer, and his experience of being issued the wholesale fake IWC Ocean Bund watches! He is a very private man, so I am grateful that he decided to share his thoughts with our readers. I’m also grateful to the people on Instagram who helped send a few images my way for this article.

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