The UK Best Racing Fake Watches For Sale For Car Enthusiasts

Though the two undeniably serve very different purposes, cars and high quality replica watches have an inextricable connection that dates back to the dawn of the automobile. Not only are these items both steeped in tradition, but they also employ a great deal of complex engineering and an intricate use of mechanics, while also needing to merge form and function. What’s more, for most of motorsport history, watches have been used for timekeeping — establishing an even more concrete link between the two. And it’s for these reasons that so many car enthusiasts also possess a vast appreciation for fine timepieces. This has ultimately led to a wide range of racing watches designed for and aimed at auto enthusiasts and gearheads — the finest of which we’ll be showcasing today in this guide to the best automotive-inspired AAA UK fake watches for car enthusiasts where we got to test out our favorites.

Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Watches

The original square-cased chronograph famously worn by Steve McQueen in the 1971 film Le Mans, the perfect replica TAG Heuer Monaco watches is an incredibly iconic motorsport-themed timepiece — as well as the world’s first square and waterproof chrono. And despite more than half a century having passed since adorning the King of Cool’s wrist, the Monaco remains a horological icon. Outfitted with a crown on its left opposite a pair of chrono pushers, the 1:1 top copy watches’ 39mm case features stainless steel construction and houses a Swiss-made Calibre 11 automatic movement.

One of the most unique-looking replica watches for men in existence (still), the Monaco is just as legendary as ever, and not just because of its history. Even new models are highly desirable by fans and collectors, new and old. Maintaining the mid-century styling of the original, this modern take is a faithful rendition. Unlike the original, though, this version has a right-sided crown and an in-house Heuer 02 automatic movement which debuted in 2016. Sporting two gentle curves on the sides, the case doesn’t seem like it would be as thick as it is, but at 15.21mm, it’s quite large –– despite some of that being attributed to the high-boxed sapphire. It’s also important to mention that TAG Heuer did take some liberties with the bracelet here, now looking a touch more modern than the watch itself, yet still working with the overall design.

Case Size: 39mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Movement: Automatic

Fake Breitling Top Time B01 Deus Watches

Swiss made replica Breitling’s Top Time watches is an authentic-looking vintage-inspired chronograph that exists across a wide number of references — all of which are born out of limited-edition collaborations. Regardless of the variant, the Top Time sports a 41mm stainless steel case encompassing an in-house B01 self-winding mechanical movement. While the Top Time series also includes additional models like the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Corvette versions, the brand also produces collaborations with lesser-known names such as world-renowned motorcycle-turned-lifestyle brand and custom moto shop Deus Ex Machina.

As one of the most fun moto watch collabs that’s ever come together, this Top Time B01 Deus combines Breitling’s automotive ancestry with Deus’ modern success in the motorcycle industry for a super sporty chronograph. Featuring a reverse panda orientation, this piece just oozes energy. We love the trio of rounded-off square sub-registers, although the lightning bolt seconds hand feels a bit superfluous (although we love the red color). Considering the 50.3mm lug-to-lug and 13.3mm thickness, the luxury super clone watches still wears quite modestly on the wrist. As for the rally strap, this is one of the most energetic examples we’ve witnessed with a bright yellow interior and a velvety smooth finish.

Case Size: 41mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Movement: Automatic

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